The Gulf of Kotor is surely one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Kotor, old mediaval town, lies at the very furthest end of the fjord.

"Winding, fjordlike inlet of the Adriatic coast, Montenegro. A fine natural harbour, it comprises four bays linked by narrow straits. The stark mountains around the bay slope steeply to a narrow shoreline on which citrus fruits and subtropical plants grow and tourist facilities have been developed" - Encyclopedia Britannica

The Gulf of Kotor

The Gulf of Kotor The Gulf of Kotor The Gulf of Kotor





Pearl of Adriatic sea

At the southern end of the bay is the town of Kotor, a medieval walled city on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Kotor is a typical Mediterranean travel destination with old narrow streets, romantic bars and restaurants, small shops, antique monuments, churches and picturesque buildings.